Payroll Contribution Program

GIVE to the Sedalia School
District Foundation.

The perfect choice to celebrate and recognize educational success and excellence.

Foundation receives generous support from Sedalia School District #200 personnel

Sedalia School District #200 teachers, staff, and administrators have a tradition of generously supporting the Sedalia School District Foundation. In October SSD employees will receive an email with instructions for donating to the Sedalia School District Foundation during the Payroll Contribution campaign. Your participation in our annual fund drive demonstrates to community members, alumni, and your students a commitment to the Foundation’s mission.

Benefits of Payroll Contribution:

  • Eligible to apply for a Sedalia School District Foundation classroom mini-grant
  • Contribute $20 or more and receive a “Thank You” gift delivered to your school
  • “Early Bird” contributors are entered in a prize drawing. To qualify as an “Early Bird” your Payroll Contribution card must be returned to your building’s office before 10 a.m. on Early Bird day.
  • Luncheon from the SSDF board of directors for the school with the highest percentage of staff participation
  • Contribution is tax-deductible

For your convenience, you may choose payroll deductions over six months, a one-time contribution in March, or make a contribution when you return the card to your building administrative assistant.

Award-Winning Lunch

In the photo Horace Mann Elementary School earned the‭ “‬Thank You‭” ‬luncheon from the Sedalia School District Foundation board of directors for the largest percentage of staff contributors.‭ ‬Sara Pannier,‭ ‬principal of Horace Mann,‭ ‬was presented with the red apple trophy.

Winning the Red Apply Trophy and the luncheon that accompanies it fuels a friendly competition between principals. Which school will next earn the prize?

Thank you to the following Sedalia School District #200 teachers, staff, and administrators, who will contribute $10,983.21 to the Sedalia School District Foundation this school year.

Julie Abney
Paige Aggeler
Wynee Akers
Caitlin Alexander
Holly Andrews
Julie Bales
Eleanor Ballenger
Yale Barkefelt
Jill Barnholdt
Kendra Barton
Ashley Beard
Michelle Beasley
Lindsey Benbrook
Kelly Birdsong
Holly Blackaby
Lorin Blackburn-Thierfelder
Hannah Blackmon
Dana Bohon
Amber Boles
Kerie Boyd
Lindsey Branson
Sharon Brauer
Meredith Brick
Carmen Brock
Becky Brownfield
Jeremy Brownfield
Andrew Bruce
Jessica Bruce
Seth Brunkhorst
Kelly Bryan
Kathryn Burnett
Jodee Buso
Karmen Butler
Amanda Caballero
Cindy Calafaty
Marsha Campe
Amy Carbone-Scott
Marcy Cash
Kelley Casto
Millie Cavanagh
Ann Cave
Lynne Chancellor
Tessa Childers
John “Rodney” Collins
Susan Couhig
Donna Craig
Brenda Cramer
Jennifer Crane
Jessica Crouch
Jason Curry
Dana Curry
Stacy Curry
BJ Curry
Andrea Curtis
Susan Daly
Shawna Davidson
Courtney Davis
Susan Dean
William DeHaven
Warren Dey
Joseph Doyle
Lisa Duchesne
Amy Dunkin
Randy Durain
Tonya Edgar
Fredrick Ehlers
Kellie Eichler
Katie Ellis
Christina Emery
Emily Emo
Megan Engle
Rhonda Enrietto
Andrea Eppenauer
Diane Eschbacher
Lisa Everhart
Robin Ewing
Jerry Fagg
Jennifer Farrar
Jordan Fields
Lindsey Fish
Ashley Fisher
Jacqueline Fisher
Chris Flandermeyer
Mary Flandermeyer
Tiffany Fleming
Todd Fraley
Jeremy Fry
Stacy Garrison
Nick Gentges
Holly Gentges
Danielle Gerke
Michelle Gilger
Devon Gilmore
Holli Goodrich
Sheila Goodwin
Jennie Guerrini
Angela Guzman
Lisa Hammerly
Breanna Harding
Janice Hargrave
Shannon Harter
Chad Harter
Carol Harvey
Anna Harvey
Amanda Harvey
Stephanie Hayworth
Brett Hieronymus
Roxana Himes
Michelle Hofstetter
Lisa Hoke
Mary Holsten
Deanna Hope
Carrie Howieson
Alisha Huddleston
Jennifer Hurley
Nancy Hurt
Marcinda Husong
Amanda Jackson
Stephanie Jackson
Tracy Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Tracey Johnson
Mark Johnson
Sarah Jones
Toni Jones
Deanna Jones
Kristie Jonson
Madeline Kempton
Grace Kendrick
Mary Jo Kietzy
Kara Klein
Ashley Klein
Barbara Koeller
Stacy Kuehner
Andrea Kuhlman
Brandi LaCasse
Robin Lang
Darla Lansing
Bryant Lazenby
Mi Kyung Lee
Angela Logan
Karina Lopez
Shelley Lutjen
Jay Lutjen
Melissa Magaña
Grant Maledy
Carrie Martin
Maria Martinez Flores
Cathy Matheis
Kevin Matz
Melissa Mays
Clara McCall
Kelly McFatrich
Andrew McKnight
Lucinda McRoy
Sherry Melby
Dawn Messerli
Margaret Meyer
Mikaela Meyer
Angela Meyer
Gary Meyer
Brenda Michael
Heather Miller
Amy Miller
Pam Moon
Cindy Moon
Sarah Moore
Katherine Morrison
Stacey Morton
Linda Myers
Colleen Neth
Denise Newell
Jamie Nicholas
Ashleigh Noland
Wade Norton
Kathy O’Dell
Hilliary Owens
Sara Pannier
Logan Patrick
Kristen Patrick
Patricia Patrick-
Toni Patterson
Kimberly Paul
Jessica Paxton
Laura Peck
Ashley Peck-Bates
Donald Perry
Jill Peterson
Tisha Petree
Erica Pfannenstiel
Renee Pinkelton
Cassandra Poe
Heidi Pollard
Fallon Priest
Penny Pummill
Chris Pyle
Karina Pyle
Patrick Pyle
Ashley Raetz
Kelsey Raines
Taber Redford
Pamela Reimund
Morgan Renfrow
Angie Richardson
Roxann Rowland
Tammy Sadler
Bob Satnan
Kenny Schlup
Nancy Scott
Elizabeth Shaffer
Keyla Sharp
Susan Shaw
Joel Sherman
Erica Shippman
Sheila Shultz
Nicole Silvey
Amy Simoncic
Kori Simons
April Simons
Sharon Smith
Alexandria Smith
Russell Smith
Carla Smith
Carol Smith
June Snapp
Megan Sparks
Michelle Sparks
Tammy Spratley
Ashley Stark
Tanya Steele
Michelle Steger
Stacey Steinkuhler
Cerita Stewart
Randi Stewart
Erica Stone
Nicole Stratton
Jacqueline Stratton
Sharon Swaffford
Beverly Swain
Claraisse Tackett
Renee Tankersley
Jamie Taylor
Tammy Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Taylor Thomas
Brittney Thompson
Kathy Todd
Barbara Todd
Steve Triplett
Ryan Turner
Patricia Turpin
Unknown Unknown
Steven Vandevender
Lisa Volk
Charles Vose
Sarah Walker
Andrea Watring
Marianne Weathers
Vicki Webb
Sheri Webb
Addie Welpman
Ashley Wendt
Martin White
Julie Willadsen
Robert Williams
Kathy Wingler
Amy Wise
Peggy Wiser Balch
Michelle Wolfe
Kendel Wolfe
Bonnie Wolfe
Amy Woolery
Kendra Woolery
Jenna Wright
Michael Wright
Lisa Young
Katerina Zayats
Kathy Zink
Sheri Zumsteg

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