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Sedalia School District Foundation.

About the Foundation

The Sedalia School District Foundation provides a wide variety of services for the Sedalia School District‭ ‬#200‭ ‬students,‭ ‬educators,‭ ‬alumni,‭ ‬and patrons.

  • The Foundation provides a conduit for giving that can support innovative school projects.
  • The Foundation administrates existing scholarships and the creation of new scholarships for Sedalia School District‭ ‬200‭ ‬students.
  • The Foundation produces the CONNECTIONS newsletter to communicate with educators,‭ ‬alumni and supporters of our local school system.
  • The Foundation enthusiastically supports the hardworking teachers of Sedalia School District‭ ‬#200.
  • The Foundation manages a mailing list of Smith-Cotton High School alumni and can provide information to reunion organizers.‭ 

The Sedalia School District Foundation was incorporated in‭ ‬1995‭ ‬as a not-for profit corporation for charitable and educational purposes with‭ ‬501‭(‬c‭)(‬3‭) ‬status.‭ 

Contributions to the Foundation and the scholarships managed by the Foundation are tax-deductible.‭ ‬Are you a Smith-Cotton Alum‭? ‬Love showing Tiger Pride‭? ‬Maybe you wish to celebrate a graduation or express gratitude to a teacher who made a difference in your life or a family member’s life.‭ ‬A contribution to the Sedalia School District Foundation is the perfect choice to celebrate and recognize educational success and excellence.