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Honoring Smith-Cotton alumni through the Distinguished Alumni Award

The Sedalia School District Foundation Distinguished Alumni Award has been established to recognize graduates of Smith-Cotton High School for outstanding achievements and contributions to society following graduation.‭  ‬These recipients reflect strong role models with strengths of character and citizenship to inspire and challenge today’s students.
The criteria for selection of this award are:

  • Candidates must have graduated from Smith-Cotton High School at least‭ ‬10‭ ‬years prior to nomination.
  • Candidates must have contributed to society,‭ ‬education and/or their respective communities in an exemplary manner.
  • Candidates must have achieved outstanding success in any of the following areas:‭  ‬the arts,‭ ‬business,‭ ‬community service,‭ ‬humanitarian efforts,‭ ‬education or a profession.
  • The‭ ‬Distinguished Alumni Award is presented every year during Homecoming weekend.‭

Nominate an Alumnus

The nomination form,‭ ‬along with two letters of recommendation,‭ ‬and any other materials supporting the nomination must be submitted to the SSDF office by‭ ‬May‭ ‬17,‭ ‬2020.‭ ‬Mail to the Sedalia School District Foundation,‭ ‬P.‭ ‬O.‭ ‬Box‭ ‬2505,‭ ‬Sedalia,‭ ‬MO‭ ‬65302-2505‭ ‬or call us at‭ ‬660-829-2562‭ ‬to make other arrangements for delivery.

Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Instruction Sheet

Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Form

A Microsoft Word fillable form version of the Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination is available through email by contacting the Foundation at schfound@iland.net

Hall of Fame

The Sedalia School District‭ ‬#200‭ ‬offers opportunities to honor Smith-Cotton alumni as well as educators,‭ ‬sponsors,‭ ‬and friends.‭ ‬Detailed information and the nomination packet for the Sedalia School District’s Academic,‭ ‬Activities,‭ ‬and Athletic Halls of Fame can be found on the district’s website.

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