Mini-Grants fund innovative instruction in district classrooms

Since the inception of the mini-grant program in 2005, the Foundation has awarded $169,941.40 to Sedalia School District #200 teachers and staff members. Smith-Cotton Junior High math teacher Kaela Reeves received a mini-grant for graphing calculators in her eighth-grade Algebra II class. She wrote the following after receiving the grant, “Students in Algebra classes have benefited from the graphing calculators in the classroom this year. By using the graphing calculators, students are able to visualize and interpret the characteristics of different graphs, such as quadratic and exponential. Also, students will be able to utilize the graphing calculators when taking their end of course exam for Algebra.”

 Mini Grant Graphing Calculators Reeves
Students in Kaela Reeves Algebra II class at Smith-Cotton Junior High work an equation on a graphing calculator purchased with a mini-grant from the Foundation. Ms. Reeves expressed her thanks after receiving the graphing calculators, “We, as an Algebra class, appreciate them so much!”

Mini-Grants are an important part of the Foundation’s vision to provide all Sedalia School District students with innovative opportunities. Parkview Elementary art teacher, Janice Hargrave, incorporated scientific principles from the art of Leonardo da Vinci into her classes through the mini-grant Leonardo Meets Science. “Students are studying about Leonardo da Vinci and the fact that you must look carefully in order to draw what you see.  They are using the science specimens and magnifying glasses to draw a first draft.  Then they get specific, constructive advice from their table partner on improvements they can make.  Then they try to implement those improvements in a second draft drawing.”

Mini Grant DaVinci Hargrave1
A student in Janice Hargrave’s art class at Parkview Elementary studies a butterfly specimen as part of the Leonardo Meets Science mini-grant. 

In response to requests from the teaching staff, the Sedalia School District Foundation opened a fall semester mini-grant application period at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. The Foundation awarded $5,605.40 to six teachers in January of 2019. The grants funded included:

  • Instrumental music instructor, Grant Maledy, requested a Yamaha Harmony Director for the Sedalia Middle School. “The students will learn to play in turn more quickly, come to a greater understanding of pitch and sound better to all listeners.”
  • Smith-Cotton High School teacher, Terri Turner, requested a grant for flexible seating in her classroom, “The array of seats offered to the students give the students a choice on where they would like to sit to give them the power to be successful on their own accord.”
  • Marcy Cash, a special education teacher at Smith-Cotton High School, requested kitchen supplies for a cooking/grocery shopping/meal planning unit for the Transition Lab Class. “The course will assist students in the transition process of moving from school to the post-secondary setting/independent living skills.” 

Mini Grant Transition Cooking lab Cash
Marcy Cash received a mini-grant and expressed her appreciation to the Foundation and donors. “We wanted to express our appreciation for your generosity and support to our Transition program.  Your generous donation was incredibly helpful and allowed us to provide and equip our students with valuable life skills.  Please know how much you've helped our students, and how much we all appreciate it.  The students were very excited to help unpack some of the items purchased.”

  • Smith-Cotton Junior High Media Specialist, Megan Sparks, requested funding to purchase two additional iPads and Sphero Bolt app-controlled robots for Coding Club and STEM sessions in the library.
  • Ninth grade math teacher, Tessa Childers, requested a mini-grant to purchase mice for classroom Chromebooks.  The Chromebooks are used with lessons promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance, as well as end of course exams.
  • Parkview second grade teacher, Shawna Davidson, requested a mini-grant to purchase supplies to organize student small group reading materials. “This might include task cards, word sort, writing prompts, comprehension work, etc. However, since there is a wide range of differentiated readers, I need a differentiated organization system that will keep them organized and sane.”

Sedalia School District Foundation Mini-Grant Application and Information Sheet for SSD #200 teachers and staff

Any Sedalia #200 staff member may apply for a mini-grant.

Applicants are required to have made a monetary contribution to SSDF either directly or through the Payroll Contribution program, or be a “Friend of the Foundation” or “Alumni” Member. Contributions of any amount and/or memberships submitted with applications will qualify and be accepted.

Mini-Grants should be innovative and creative in nature. Grant requests for reusable materials/supplies will be given priority, but Mini Grants may not be used for textbooks.

For complete criteria, deadlines, and instructions, please read the Information Sheet.

SSDF Mini-Grant Information Sheet

SSDF Mini-Grant Application 

Questions about the Mini-Grant Application and Information Sheet should be directed to the Sedalia School District Foundation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 660-829-2562.

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